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Welcome to SKC Trips

Try a new way to get around and you can save money, reduce stress, help protect the environment, and earn rewards!

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Earn rewards!

Sign up and get an ORCA card! Take sustainable trips to earn more rewards.

Find a sustainable, healthy way to commute.

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Metro has made big some changes to keep you safe on your next ride. Masks are recommended on transit, and mask dispensers are installed fleet-wide. Metro also conducts daily disinfecting of every bus, streetcar, van, vehicle, and vessel.

Youth ride free!

Washington State is the first state to make transit free for youth! Riders 18 and younger are encouraged to show a youth ORCA card or their student ID to the driver. Youth who do not have a Youth ORCA card or a student ID can still ride for free. Youth who already have a youth ORCA card can extend the expiration date to their 19th birthday.


Find out more here:

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Metro Flex is here!

Book a short ride on your phone for the cost of a bus ride! Metro Flex is available in Tukwila, Kent, Renton, Skyway, and more.

Download the Metro Flex app or call (206) 258-7739 to get started.

Learn more here:

Do you need an ORCA card?

Get an ORCA card to pay your transit fare on buses, trains, and ferries throughout the Puget Sound.

You can use an ORCA card on Metro Transit Buses, Sound Transit Link Light Rail, Sound Transit Regional Express Buses, Sounder Train, Kitsap Transit Buses, Seattle Street Car and King County Water Taxis. Your ORCA card works like a pass, automatically tracking the value of different fares and transfers so you don’t have to.

Sign up for SKC Trips and get a free ORCA card!

If you received an ORCA card from SKC Trips, it belongs to you. Visit to register your card and add value. You can also add value in person at ticket vending machines at Link Light Rail stations.

Pedestrian Path

Walk, Bike, and Roll

Walking and biking are healthy, environmentally friendly, economical, and fun ways to get around. If you are able, walking is the most convenient and reliable mode for short distances and it’s free! Even walking 10 minutes a day to the bus stop or your carpool meeting location will combat fatigue and boost energy. Biking just 20 minutes a day reduces the risk of diabetes and lowers blood pressure.

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Sharing the ride to work or school is smart and efficient. Whether you carpool or vanpool, you can save time, utilize HOV lanes, and best of all, keep money in your wallet.

Check out to search for a carpool.



Cut your commute costs, breeze by traffic in the carpool lane, and reduce stress by joining a Metro Vanpool.

A vanpool is a group of 5 or more people who share a similar commute. Everyone in the group pays a monthly fare based on mileage, number of riders, and size of van.

Learn more at

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Skip your commute and work from home! Even only occassionally working remotely saves you money and reduces gas consumption.

Want assistance designing a telework program for your company? Visit

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