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How to commute to SEA Airport

Upgrade your work commute to SEA Airport! Explore transit, carpooling, park and ride, bike lockers, and trip tools. Let's improve your journey!


Carpooling & Vanpooling

Experience the comfort and savings of sharing rides to SEA Airport. Work with your employer, friends, and RideshareOnline to create or find carpools and vanpools.

With two or more passengers in the vehicle, you become eligible to use HOV and HOT lanes, which are designed to help you reach your destination faster. It's a smart way to make your travel time more efficient.

To find out more about how to park at the airport, visit SEA Airport’s Employee Parking website. There, you can find out how to sign up for a parking pass, rates and more.

If you don’t have your own vehicle to use, vanpool may be for you. Vanpooling is a shared commuting solution where individuals travel to work together in a van. King County Metro provides vanpool services, offering cost-effective travel with benefits like HOV lane access and shared expenses. This way, you can cut down on costs while enjoying a convenient and efficient daily commute.

Vanpools may be eligible for lower cost parking fees through the Port of Seattle’s Airport Employee Parking program. Visit the Employee Parking website to learn more.

Registered vanpools are eligible for $50 parking at SEA Airport’s Main Terminal garage.


Public Transit

ORCA Card: Maximize your commute with the ORCA card, the ultimate tool for hassle-free transit fare payment. Enroll in SKC Trips to receive a free ORCA card, optimizing your transit experience.


Link Light Rail - 1 Line: The SeaTac/Airport Station is linked to the airport parking garage's fourth floor. You can reach the terminal through a covered walkway on the mezzanine level. Trains run every 6 to 15 minutes, connecting you from Angle Lake to Northgate, International District/Chinatown, and downtown. It's a great choice for SEA Airport commuters.

Secure Bike Lockers: Embrace eco-friendly travel by capitalizing on secure bike lockers near the Link Light Rail station and parking garages. Store your bike conveniently and indulge in active transportation.


Microtransit Vans and Park & Ride

When you leave your car or store your bike at a Park and Ride, you open the door to more possibilities of getting to the airport efficiently and economically. At Park and Rides, you can find bus and train routes that take you to the airport, saving you the hassle and cost of parking at SeaTac. It’s also a great spot for meeting your carpool. The possibilities are endless!

Find a Park and Ride near you and see how you can leverage them into your commute.  

Microtransit vans like King County Metro Flex can offer a valuable way to reach transit stations or Park and Rides for your airport commute, all for the cost of bus fare. If you are looking to get a short, on-demand ride to a desired destination, microtransit may be a good option for you.

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