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Are you interested in employee retention, punctual staff and an uninterrupted workflow?

When it comes to employees getting to work, leave no room for surprises. SKC Trips can help you provide reliable transportation options for staff, explore telework programs and find ways your company can save money.

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What do workers want? Unlimited transit!
ORCA Business Passport: 50% off transit passes for 1 year.

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Restrictions may apply.

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How your workforce commutes makes an impact:

Why Talk with SKC Trips?

Funded in part by King County Metro, we exist to help people and the environment. 
Our job is to improve your employees’ access to sustainable transportation.

  • Unbiased. We won’t sell you anything.

  • Informed. We are experts on employee transportation programs.

  • Connected. Tap into our local presence and partnerships.

Have You Thought About:


Offering ORCA Transit Passes


Encouraging Carpooling & Vanpooling


Designing a Telework Program


Accessing Commuter Tax Benefits


Providing transportation information in your onboarding process


ORCA Transit Passes

With ORCA, your organization saves through discounted flat-rate pricing, signup discounts, and tax benefits. And your employees benefit from affordable transportation and hassle-free fare payment, and more. Contact SKC Trips to find out which ORCA program is right for your company.

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“I love knowing my team can use their ORCA Passport to get to and from work and in their off hours to run errands or even take a day trip to explore the area. Every time my team uses their ORCA Passport to move about, our region benefits, as that's one less vehicle on the road contributing to traffic and pollution.” — Kristi Larson, Home Instead

If you are signing up for the first time and have fewer than 100 employees, you may be eligible for a 50% discount!



Carpooling & Vanpooling

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With SKC Trips, learn how to connect and incentivize employees who want to carpool. We can also show you how to set up vanpools, where five or more people drive to work together in a van provided by the County. On average Metro Vanpool costs $150 per person*.

*People who live or work in Kent may qualify for monthly Metro Vanpool fare $49/person!

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Telework Program

Attract and keep a talented workforce while improving sustainability, reducing absenteeism, and saving costs on parking.

Providing a telework/telecommuting program makes for a diverse and productive workforce that continues to grow, all while saving the company money. Some of the benefits you can expect after implementing a program like this include:

  • Reducing unexpected absences and maintaining production: Staff will have the flexibility to tend to life’s unexpected events without impacting the job at hand and maintaining the flow of production.

  • Save on parking and office space: Having teleworking staff saves you money on parking spaces and doesn’t limit your opportunities for future company growth to the amount of office space you have available.

  • Positive contributions to the environment: Reducing or eliminating your employees’ commutes to the office means less pollution and fuel consumption, making a greener, healthier environment for all.

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