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Employers can have a lot of influence on employee commute habits. Let SKC Trips help you implement innovative ideas to promote sustainable transportation options!


Funding is available to help employers in South King County improve their employee transportation programs. The grant process is competitive, and projects will be selected based on their ability to aid in the reduction of air pollution, traffic congestion, and fuel consumption by encouraging active transportation, telework, or transit use.

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Bike Racks

Amenities such as bike racks, lockers, or repair stations

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Transportation Information Center

Notices, maps, brochures, and/or a transportation information screen with real-time transit arrivals

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Wayfinding signage or art to help pedestrians and bicyclists navigate your site and connect to trails or walkways

Carpool Parking Sign_edited.jpg
Carpool Parking

Reserved priority parking for carpools or vanpools to encourage ridesharing

Free Consultation

We provide free consultation and assistance to employers to encourage employees to try a sustainable commute (e.g., carpool, vanpool, bus, train, bike, walk, telework). We can help your company provide commute benefits to your employees! Contact us at

Worksite Transportation Assessment

Site visit to assess opportunities to improve commuter facilities and develop a transportation program at your worksite

Onboarding Materials

Commute information to include in the onboarding of new employees

Transportation Subsidy Programs

Support in choosing the right ORCA pass program. Provide a coveted benefit to your employees!

& Training

Educate and inform employees of their commute options. Promote transportation options at employee wellness or benefits events


Provide transportation options training, trip planning assistance, presentation, or resource table at company events, meetings, or orientations

Pre-Tax Commuter Benefits

Help employees save on their commuting costs. In addition to saving employees hundreds of dollars, employers can also save as much as 9% on payroll taxes.

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