There are lots of great reasons to carpool. You can save money, help keep the air clean, keep miles off your car, reduce stress and take cars off the road — just by sharing the ride with one other person.

Simply register, then enter the details of your daily commute. You’ll be matched with potential carpool partners. Did you know you can find guaranteed parking at many south King County Park and Ride facilities? Carpool parking permits are available at both King County Metro and Sound Transit lots.

Tips to create a successful carpool:

  • If this is a new carpool, suggest a getting-to-know-you meetup at a public place, like a coffee shop.
  • Decide which days you want to carpool and if you’ll take turns driving. If one person does most of the driving, decide on the amount and method of reimbursement.
  • Talk about where your carpool will meet. Park and ride lots can make great meeting places.
  • Decide on some ground rules around smoking, musical preferences and food and drinks in the car.
  • Share your contact information and make sure you alert your carpool if you have a change in plans.

View suggested carpool routes by clicking on the carpooling icon in your commute options results. The more people who join the better your chances of finding someone to share the ride with--spread the word and encourage your coworkers to sign up today! If you don't have any luck on SKC Trips, try searching on, which has a regional network. You can also sign up as a driver for a new app-based carpooling program provided by King County Metro: Stay tuned for more details on this exciting new program!