About SKC Trips

A program of South King County Transportation Options

The SKC Trips website is a transportation resource for all employees who work at Sea-Tac Airport. The SKC Trips website will be available through June 2019 as a resource to employees for trip planning, ride matching, and earning rewards for non-drive-alone trips.

The SKC Trips website is part of a broader drive-alone trip reduction program at the Sea-Tac Airport. Additional program components include ORCA card distribution and commute planning assistance for employees, in-person outreach, transportation trainings, transportation displays, and support for interested employers to enhance their employees’ access to alternative transportation modes (transit, carpool/vanpool, biking, walking, etc.)

Help reduce congestion and improve air quality in the region by trying a different way of getting around. You can save money, reduce wear and tear on your car, and decrease commute stress!