About Rewards

SKC Trips rewards participants for logging trips using alternative travel modes such as bus, train, bicycling, walking, or carpooling. The more you utilize and log alternative commutes, the more opportunities you will have to earn rewards!

There are three types of reward options: Contests, Purchases, and Milestones.

Contests: Participants may enter for a chance to win the listed contest prize. Participants may enter any contest for which they have sufficient qualifying points and may enter multiple contests or enter a contest multiple times. For example, if a contest allows 3 entries and requires 5 points per entry, and you have 15 available points, then you may enter a total of 3 times.

Purchases: Participants may claim a reward if they have accumulated enough eligible points. Points are deducted for each reward claimed.

Milestone Rewards: Participants may claim a reward after they reach the required number of points and may claim multiple rewards if they meet the requirements for each.

Points become available in a participant’s account after they log qualifying trips or complete specific actions, as indicated by the icons next to the reward. Each reward requires a certain amount of points, and participants can earn a maximum of two points per day. Rewards are available for trips and actions completed during specific dates (the “qualifying period”) and trips must be logged by the deadline listed on the reward.

You will receive email notifications about your rewards. Please check your junk mail folders to ensure that you are receiving mail from SKCTrips@tukwilawa.gov.

New rewards will be added frequently, so keep logging your trips!


What is the difference between a Contest, Purchase, and a Milestone?

Contests allow users to enter to win prizes, and a drawing is held to select a limited number of winners for each contest.

Purchases are available for users to claim when they have earned the required number of points. Once a reward is claimed a user’s points will be deducted from their total available points for purchases.

Milestones are available to users who have earned a specific number of milestone points. Users may claim any milestone for which they have enough points.

Do I have to choose between Contests, Purchases, and Milestones for my Rewards?

No. Contests, Purchases, and Milestones each earn their own points. You can work toward all three types of rewards!

How will I receive my reward?

Rewards will be mailed to the address you entered as your mailing address when you created your account. Be sure this address is your preferred address for receiving mail!